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There are times when a situation calls for the System 1's ability to move hot air through a tube to "somewhere else", but there's not enough room for the System 1's centrifugal blower.

Cool-cube E was developed for the home theater design and installation community. Combining a compact power module with either 4" or 3” flexible tubing, Cool-cube will pull heated air out of a closed mid-size cabinet, small closet, or enclosed video projector and quietly move it to a nearby closet, utility room, crawl space, etc. The power module measures 6.5" x 8" x 10" and is powerful enough to move a useful amount of air through tubing thin enough to snake through most cabinets.

The Cool-cube E features a new 2-speed control system, activated by a remote temperature-sensing probe.  The noise level generated even at full speed is low in keeping with our policy of not “trading a heat problem for a noise problem”.

Cool-cube's power module can be located at either end of (or at any point along) the tubing.  A compact hot air collector, or flange, is provided so that the tubing is easily connected to any flat surface (not available with 3” version).

The tubing supplied with the Cool-cube has been changed to a thinner-wall design. Noise reduction is similar to the older large-diameter tubing.

See the airflow chart on the Specifications page for airflow with different tubing sizes and fan speeds.

00-120-04      Cool-cube with 8’ of 4” tubing

00-120-01      Cool-cube with 6’ of 3” tubing

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03-103-02   Backdraft damper for Cool-cube (and System 1)

03-109-01  Diffuser (mounts through sheet rock)